Training Village 2015

Arab Health aims to provide an Exhibition with Education. In 2014 we introduced the concept of the Training Village which consisted of a designated area where top specialists in the healthcare sector conducted hands-on training sessions on the most sophisticated and up-to-date devices.

We would like to invite you to participate in the 2015 Training Village. To further enhance the concept academically, our objective would be to help healthcare companies/institutions and hospitals to promote their devices, and educational & operational facilities on a common platform. This would be served in two ways:

  • Testimonial sessions by specific institutions or hospitals through an accredited speaker faculty

  • Full-day training courses giving attendees’ recognised qualifications on specific equipment, products and services

To book your workshop space or for more information, please contact us at

Booking a workshop space will offer you the following opportunities:


Invitation emails will be sent to our database
Workshops will be promoted on Arab Health's official website with dedicated programme, timing and registration
  Mobile App
Workshops will be promoted on the Training Village section of the mobile app
  Arab Health Magazine
Workshops will be mentioned in the pre-show issue of the Arab Health Magazine

  Workshop Area
52.5 sqm semi-opened room will be provided with basic furniture (chairs and tables)
Signage will be placed around the exhibition to guide the attendees to the workshop
  Arab Health Daily Dose
A strip advert will be provided in the daily show newspaper which is distributed to all the visitors
  Show catalogue
Workshop advertorial will be included in the official show catalogue
  Collateral Distribution
Your company collaterals will be distributed to all the workshop participants
  Route Planner
The workshop location will be highlighted on the route planner which is given to all visitors
  Arab Health Magazine
Full page article on the workshops will be included in the show issue of the Arab Health Magazine
  CME Accreditation*
The workshop will be accredited by DHA

  Post Show Report
The workshop will be mentioned in the official Arab Health post-show report
  Arab Health Magazine
A review of the workshop will be mentioned in the post-show issue of the Arab Health Magazine
Round up email on the workshop will be sent to our database

Click here to learn what happened at Training Village 2014

* Please note, accreditation process will depend on the workshop content and the information provided by you. Accreditation process is entirely under the discretion of the DHA, and Arab Health is not responsible for ensuring your adherence to their guidelines.



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